Why Join Homes and Land Brokers?!

You’ve heard the buzz around town, and I’m sure you’re starting to ask yourself, “What is it that Homes and Land Brokers is REALLY offering?” Well, take a minute and read why agents aren’t hesitating to make the move and grow their businesses with us!

  1. Homes and Land Brokers offers support! On top of having a dedicated, working Broker to educate the agents, we also have a full time administrative staff to assist. They are in the office to handle all of the agents’ questions, listings, and providing offer-to-closing assistance.
  2. Homes and Land Brokers develops a personalized business plan to show how to get production where you want it to be! Every agent is different – every plan needs to be as well.
  3. Homes and Land Brokers hosts monthly trainings on RELEVANT topics. Keeping up with the twists and changes in our marketplace and industry is no small thing! That’s why we work hard to consistently provide the kind of training and tools our agents need to thrive in ANY market condition.
  4. Homes and Land Brokers creates the right social media and marketing content to get our agents noticed! Marketing is not always easy, and by providing a FREE personalized website, our agents can use lead capturization to receive their own leads!
  5. Homes and Land Brokers HAS FREE LEADS!!!!! That’s why we do everything within our power to help our agents actively and consistently create a constant pipeline of prospective buyers and sellers.

Our agents are working hard, and its paying off! 

How is YOUR summer looking?! Are you happy with your current business?!

Call today to schedule a free consultation interview, and give us a chance to show you how we can help develop your business! (239) 598-9200



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