Snow Birds Are Heading Back-Are You Ready for Summer?

As the snow starts to melt up North, a major portion of SW Florida’s population is prepping to head back to their summer abode. As for myself, I have already noticed my community dwindling and the “For Sale” signs sparking up around the development. What does this mean for agents in the area?

Many Agents begin to fear season ending because they are convinced the traffic slows down. They think that people aren’t as eager to buy or sell in the summer. The fact is, summer is a great time to continue to do business. I wanted to share 5 important questions you should ask yourself to ensure your business will flourish even after seasons’ end.

When is the last time you contacted your sphere?

  • Take this time to examine your sphere of influence. When is the last time you spoke with friends or family about their next move? Summer is a time when a lot of families will take vacations and use that as leverage to meet with an old pal or long lost family member. Show them what Naples has to offer!

Have you been to any events lately?

  • I like to call summer “local season” because all those locals who hated fighting the snow bird traffic, now want to get out and talk to some people! Attend some local networking events and start talking about Real Estate. Who doesn’t want to hear what the beautiful homes in Naples are going for right now? You never know who you will meet and, as a bonus, restaurants love offering great deals to locals over the summer too!

Do you post on Social Media?

  • Social Media is the best way to stay in front of those who do reside seasonally. Just because someone isn’t currently in the area, doesn’t mean they aren’t still looking to buy or sell.  For all those Northerners, maintain your social media action and continue to remind them how knowledgeable you are about the area!

Are you a member of LinkedIn?

  • This corresponds with my thoughts on social media, but LinkedIn is going to provide more avenues than just Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn will provide market insight, news articles about what’s going on in Naples, and allow you to connect with other professionals in the area. Post regularly and see who connects with YOU!

How does your follow up system look?

  • Follow up is a big part of Real Estate. If you contacted someone back in 2014, and they weren’t ready to make a move yet, how are you remembering to reach back out? Do you have a system in place? How are you remembering to pick up the phone and say “hey, lets talk about Real Estate”? Did you know it can take up to SIX times for you to contact a prospect, for them to remember you and want to do business?  Homes and Land Brokers offers our agents an excellent follow up system to ensure no one slips through the cracks.

I hope this helps you to prepare for the upcoming season and makes you think deeper about your strategies. If you are interested to hear about how our agents are getting free leads and an excellent follow up system for summer, please call me! Happy Hunting!!


Cait Hebble, Director of Career Development:

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