Monthly Meeting-Big NEWS for HLB Agents

Here at Homes and Land Brokers, we believe a strong team concept is essential to the success of our company. Good communication throughout the firm allows for seamless processes and, at the end of the day, happier clients! We take time each month, as a group, to focus on: best practices within our systems, company updates, market insight and team building.

This afternoon our team at Homes and Land Brokers was able to get together to do our monthly meeting. During this time, we cover successes, and also troubleshoot any struggles or road bumps our agents may have experienced. Today we closely examined our systems and wanted to feature some of our recent triumphs:

  • LEADS: HLB has found HUGE success in our new lead generation software. In the last 30 days, our agents have received, on average, 54 leads EACH from Homes and Land Brokers. Statistically speaking,  converting 3% of those leads gives each agent 1.5 transactions in the coming months… JUST from those leads!
  • Through our CRM, we have made keeping in touch with prospects that much easier for our agents. Internally, we have set up Smart Drip Campaigns for our agents, so that with a click of a button, their leads are receiving quality market information from them regularly. It is such an easy tool. So easy, that we joke, all you need to do is “set it and forget it”. For those leads who “aren’t ready” to buy or sell NOW, our agents can maintain a presence in their email Inbox automatically. When that lead IS ready, our system will alert the agent. The agent will simply use their aptitude for hard work to turn that prospect into business. This allows for NO lead to fall through the cracks
  • Mortgage insight: Homes and Land Brokers was able to have Dean Mlinarich from Caliber Home Loans to come in and speak with our agents today. We would like to thank Dean for sharing his in depth information regarding the home financing process, and reviewing some of our agents real life scenarios.

I want to thank all my agents again for their participation today! It was great to hear about each agents business development and where it is going in the next few months!



If you are interested in hearing more about joining our team, please contact Cait Hebble: or 239.631.9165


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