How Important is Real Estate TRAINING?!

Real Estate is ever-changing, and the most important part of being a successful agent, is having the proper guidance to be able to know how to change with it! Homes and Land Brokers has built our model around supporting our agents and keep their skills current. Rob Cuccinello’s success is, without a doubt, evident in his years of experience and production, but where he also prospers, is teaching others how they can get there too. We’ve all heard the horror stories of other firms who have a Broker that sits behind a closed door, or is impossible to get a hold of. Homes and Land Brokers is quite the opposite.

Each month, Rob puts together a training event in which he sits down with his agents to focus on what he saw that they might have been struggling with over the past few weeks. He evaluates each agents’ business, and ties together an hour meeting to cover how we can take these real life speed bumps and turn them into learning experiences for everyone. There is nothing more mind numbing then having to sit through a training session that covers topics completely irrelevant to your own business. Here at HLB, our agents are able to share in their stories, and apply them directly to their day to day. Yesterday, during our June meeting, we focused on how our predictive CRM tool will help with growing our agent’s sphere of influence. We also role played on properly qualifying the leads, and Rob even touched on the advantage of using VIDEOS in email!

Outside of the interactive monthly trainings, Rob is always available and here to help his team. Please read what our agents are saying below!

“Rob Cuccinello, our broker, goes above and beyond to get all of his agents up and going in their careers. Like any good broker, he is busy, but NEVER too busy to help us. The administrative staff makes sure all of our paper work in always in order – that all of the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted – and their patience is unreal! But what impressed us the most, above all of the help, is the lengths Rob and the staff are willing to go to make sure all of our clients are getting the best deal. Whether they’re buying a $50,000 condo, or a $300,000 home, the entire Homes and Land Brokers staff has our client’s best interest at heart. We look forward to many, many prosperous years with Homes and Land Brokers!”-Rose and Joe Totino, REALTOR ®


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