Homes and Land Brokers HUD Training VOTED A SUCCESS!

Yesterday, September 28th, Homes and Land Brokers hosted a training event open to agents in SWFL on how to Successfully Sell HUD Properties!

Agents learned how to sell HUD Homes in HUD M&M 3.7, HUD’s newest Marketing & Management phase. The Successfully Selling HUD Homes class presented the dynamics of M&M 3.7, the bidding site, bidding periods and addresses everything from advertising to contracts to closing-and how Homes and Land Brokers HELPS agents in the area through this process!


In addition to learning general information about HUD, its properties and the HUD Sales Process, attendees learned:

o Who can buy HUD properties
o How to register with HUD
o How to navigate the HUD listing site
o How to market, advertise, and show HUD Homes
o How to write a HUD Sales contract
o How “priority bidding” works
o and much more!



Homes and Land Brokers wants to help agents get these properties closed! We want to be a resource to ensure happy agents and happy clients! Overall, agents found our training session to be VERY resourceful and informative!

If you are interested in hearing more about our training seminar and what was covered, please reach out to Cait Hebble at

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