Find Out How Our Agents Are Cashing Checks QUICKER!

Let us help you SPEED UP your Real Estate business!

I know a common fear and frustration with agents is $ how long it takes to see a check $ You factor in what it takes to find leads, stay in touch with leads, CONVERT LEADS, and take it all the way through the contract to closing process-it can take up a LOT of time!

  • Imagine if someone helped personally develop your business and provided leads!
  • Imagine if you had a CRM system that assisted with all your follow ups!
  • Imagine if you had administrative assistance to help take those contracts to closing!
  • And most importantly, imagine how your business would be if you had someone guiding you through the process!

Homes and Land Brokers focuses on relieving all of the unnecessary stress, so the agents can see those checks that much quicker!

Mike Provinzino joined our team only a month and a half ago. See how he is benefiting even in the short time of making the move

“Since coming to HL brokers there have been a few things that have stood out to me… When I first spoke with Cait about the possibility of making the move to the H&L team she said that they would provide me with a great brand, a great system, leads, training, support and more.. I have been amazed at how much more it’s really been! The leads to ramp up my business have been great. The training and coaching have been even better. Rob makes a point to set  goals for us and he makes sure we hit them. He has really helped keep me committed to the plan we made together. 

Rob and his staff make you feel like you can really take your business to the next level and they have the tools and system to help you do it. My only complaint is that I didn’t make the move sooner!”-Mike Provinzino, REALTOR® 

NOW IS THE TIME!! Take control of your career, and make a move to position yourself the best way as we approach a busy season! Join Homes and Land Brokers and let us help you focus on just LISTING AND SELLING!


Call me TODAY! DON’T prolong your career any longer!! Find out how you can join the winning team!


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